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Import and manufactures Pre-Primary / Primary / Secondary / H.E.P.A. and ULPA Filtration.

The Filter Warehouse represents Mikropor, Aeroglass and ORV in South Africa all ISO accredited Companies.

All Products imported are in compliance and conform to European Standards EN779 and EN1822 MPPS.

The Filter Warehouse has a range of products and associated hardware for use
in Pharmaceutical Industry / Hospitals / Containment Laboratories / Automotive Spraying Industry / Commercial Air-conditioning and Ventilation.

Air Filters particulate and gaseous for most applications.

The Filter Warehouse also has the largest fully automated Primary Filter manufacturing plant in South Africa.

  • Pre-Filter Media G3 & G4
  • Pleated Panel Filter (25mm/50mm/100mm)
  • Washable Wire Supported
  • Self Supported G3 & G4
  • AVM Filters Dual Stage
  • Pocket Filters 65 - 95%
  • Cassette Filter F6 - F9
  • Hepa Filters H10 - H14
  • High Capacity And Standard Capacity
  • Ulpa Filters U15 - U17
  • Fibreglass Media (Green / Yellow / Blue)

  • Poret Filter Foam
  • Galvanised Mesh Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Black Nylon Filters (Honey Comb)
  • Used in Air conditioners
  • Andreae Filters
  • (Spray booth Filters)Roll Filters

  • Cardboard Core And Metal Core
  • Ng Housings & Framing System
  • Holding Frames / Clips / Gasketing
  • GC Frames
  • Customised Laminar Flow (Sampling Cubicles)
  • Filter Terminal Housings
  • Bag In Bag Out Systems |

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